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TEMCO AP Blend Detergent is a versatile alkaline based detergent that quickly removes heavy grease, grime, dirt, and other soils. It contains biodegradable ingredients and emulsifiers and is non-caustic. Use AP Blend to clean starters, alternators, engine blocks, motorheads, parts, carburetors, brake shoes, clutch plates, pressure units and transmission cases. It is perfect for automotive parts stores, motorcycle dealers, service stations, automotive repair shops, car dealers, truck leasing companies, transmission shops and car rental agencies. TURBO KLEAN specially selected this blend to defoam at 140°F, and using the product eliminates the need for additional defoamers. It does not attack, etch or damage any metal, including Babbitt metals, pot metals, aluminum and alloys, magnesium and alloys, copper and brass. It may discolor white metal if exposure exceeds one hour.

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